Kaben’s range of espresso’s, blends and teas are a reflection of the spirit of a journey that the team behind Kaben has been on for over 10 years—a boundless exploration into the possibilities of flavour.

For Elle Nguyen, that journey began through a love of both science and art and has resulted in a delightful fusion of know-how, innovation and artistry that has firmly established her as a pioneer in the ever-evolving specialty coffee scene in Calgary.

Never satisfied with what’s been done before or by others, the team at Kaben is always busy honing their craft. We believe that aspiring to perfection in every aspect of the Kaben experience allows us to yield products that are truly works of artistic expression – in texture, appearance and taste for our customers.

It all starts by utilizing the science of sourcing only the right ingredients from nature itself and constantly searching for the best flavour profiles and extraction techniques. It continues through the dedication of Kaben’s resident coffee engineer, Yates Wong, who’s constantly examining and refining our methods – from our roasting process to designing and developing the very equipment that we use.

Combine a deep-rooted appreciation for the talents of local artists with love for Alberta’s great natural beauty, add to that a touch of the whimsical and you begin to get to the unique heart of what Kaben is all about. The results of our dedication and love for what we do can easily be experienced by trying one of our specialty lattes made with locally roasted beans and perfectly micro-foamed milk – all served at the perfect temperature and topped off with some amazing latte art!